Don Pedro was in Idaho is prime suspect

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Detective Joe

We know you did it Don Pedro you had a nasty food truck and the blondie said your food stinks. You got mad wasted them with a kitchen knife then drove back to Texas. Just a matter of time Don Pedro we will arrest you. They all passed out from your nasty enchiladas so they didn’t have a chance. Your BYU connections won’t help you. Fake Mexican Mormon and you are an Oreo.

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Mormon Patrol

We think that fat pig Don Pedro did it because the two twats said his food stinks. The BYU Goons On Bikes help me out. He used one of his nasty kitchen knifes and went and carved up the food critics. Just a matter of time Done Pedro Fake Mexican Mormon and you are an Oreo!

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Father Dillard

If you did it Don Pedro you did it too sloppy you fool you will get caught! I got rid of some homosexual altar boys with one quick chop you had to use a dull kitchen knife out if your nasty restaurant. Stupid BYU goons are idiots. I’m running a profitable church with my Nuns Gone Wild videos and you ruined my Idaho market with that botched slaughter job. You fake Mexican Mormon Oreo.

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Detective Joe

We are closing in on Don Pedro he chopped up those students real nasty but we now the pig was there and did it. His food stinks why do you all eat it? Now Don Pedro give us back that heart you cut out of that coed we know you refrigerated it and you now have it frozen. You may be Mexican but you ain’t no Mormon and you are an Oreo!

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Don Pedro has lawyered up. His food is very good and he didn’t carve up any students in Idaho. Don Pedro was having custom clothes made for his unique build place not to be named. On Wednesdays he has an enchilada special for 7.99 good eating. Don Pedro is being targeted because of jealousy because his food truck is #1 and the rest of you are #2. Quit trying to pin the butchering of students on Don Pedro Mexican Mormon and he was and never will be an Oreo.

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Tom Cruise

Don Pedro is on his way to hades. He needs to join my church of Scientology where he can be our chef and we will protect him. The Mormon's have made Don a murderer and an oreo.

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Jack Crack

Top Gun was horrible and we know Tom Cruise helped Don Pedro butcher those students because they called him an Oreo. You two fools left blood and guts all over the place you amateurs. Now you blame me since my little blonde hooker was leaving me yes I planned something but stupid Tom Cruise and Don Pedro had to have a food truck in town selling that nasty grub. You ruined my chance to do the deed you nerd and fake Mormon Oreo!

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